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Free Trial (Color Correction)
Confirm that we deliver the quality and workflow you are looking for by using the web-uploader to send us up to 10 images to be processed for free.
Free Trial - Retouching Service
Confirm that we deliver the quality and workflow you are looking for by using the PIE Uploader to send us a maximum of 2 images to be processed for free.
Post Production
Essential Edit (Color Correction) - 0.14
Professional color correction  with customizable extras. 100% manual color correction. Also Includes cropping, straightening and sharpening. 
PIE Select (Image Selection and Color Correction) - 0.11
This service is the same as Essential Edit but also includes Image Selection. We color correct 20%-70% of the images sent to us based upon your preferences.
Please note: While color correcting the images only global adjustments are made to the image. These color correction services don't include any local adjustments made with the help of tools like Brushes, Filters, Dodge & Burn, Masking, Spot Removal, etc. due to the subjectivity involved.
Basic Retouching
Album Retouch - 1.80
Add that additional level of quality to your albums, slideshows and photobooks by having every image retouched. We will do a basic removal of stray hair and glare (on the Bride and Groom), Light Flares, and Distracting Objects.
Studio Retouch - 1.80
An essential service for the Studio or Portrait photographer where each face is enhanced by addressing Skin Blemishes, Facial Glare, Stray Hair (Basic), Bags Under Eyes and Whitening of Teeth/Eyes.
School Retouch - 1.00
This service is designed for both individual portraits or group photos which will eventually go into a yearbook, ID card or print. This Service includes Color Correction,Straightening, Basic retouching, Removal of marks on uniform, Whitening of teeth and eyes.
Kindergarten Retouch - 1.15
The retouching service is designed to keep those Kindergarten moments clean but as natural as possible. This Service includes Color Correction, Basic cleanup, Whitening of Eyes, Whitening of Teeth, Some stray hair removal, Removal of small distractions.
Baby Retouch - 1.15
Service is specifically designed for baby photographers. Service includes Basic editing & cleanup, Sharpening, Removal of dead skin, Softening the skin and Reducing the redness of the hands & feet.
Pregnancy Retouch - 1.75
This service specializes in pregnancy photos. This retouching includes Basic cleanup, Removal of stretch marks, Skin Softening, Sharpening, Whitening of teeth and eyes.
Advanced Retouching
Fast Cutouts (Image Extraction) - 1.00
A faster and simple way of getting your People and Product Images isolated on to a transparent background. The quality of isolation in this service is enough for smaller image sizes like web, smaller sized catalogs, magazine ads, brochures, small posters and print. To know more about which category of complexity your images fall under, please refer the examples on our website.
Detailed Cutouts (Clipping Path) - 1.25
Clipping path is a more detailed method of isolating the key object of an image. Clipping paths can be applied to both Product and People images and is used when the quality of image isolation required is higher like for stock images, hoardings and large prints. Additional options like adding a shadow to the image , drop shadow or just plain reflection are also possible. To know more about which category of complexity your images fall under, please refer the examples on our website.
Restoration - 4.00
Restoration is a simple and flexible service to have your old scanned images restored digitally to its original. Restoration can be applied to old black & white or color images and can also be converted to color or sepia from back and white.
Custom Retouch (0.20/min) - Request A Quote
Custom Retouching covers "Advanced Photoshop Services" like. 

Adding/Swapping a Person, Body Part or Object. 
Removing a Person, Body Part or Object. 
Extending or changing the Background. 

You name it and we will do it. This service is simple but flexible. 

Select Service. 
Provide Job Instruction. 
Request for Quote. 
Upload RAW files and any References. 
Receive Quote for Job. 
Approve Quote and Pay. 

Quotes are provided based on the time taken to process the images. The request for a quote is absolutely FREE. You can approve or reject the quote, no strings attached. 
Album Design
Smart Album Design - 0.75
Simple and smart design templates for everyday events from full size albums to coffee table books with no extras. Comes with online proofing with up to 5 changes within 30 days after completion of the first styling.
Wedding Album Design - 8.76
ProImageEditors has researched the most popular designs and brought those to you in a simple and cost effective manner. The styles are fully customizable and all come with online proofing and an unlimited number of changes within 30 days after completion of the first styling.
Video Editing
Documentary Video Editing - 27.00
Documentary editing focuses on simply capturing the day, as they happen, in the order they happen. This type of editing usually has less cut out of the final DVD, little to no dramatic camera angles, less music is added and less special effects are used. Our Documentary includes: Slow Motion, Black&White, Fade In/Fade Out.
Cinematic Video Editing - 40.00
Cinematic editing is defined as a "film like" look. This style aims to increase the emotional impact through use of slow motion and transition effects, saturated colors, creative camera angles and dramatic music. We help to create the "wow" factor to tell your story in a unique way. A cinematic filmed wedding requires more editing due to the sequencing of multiple cameras, lighting effects, mixing of music and voices as well as incorporating other special effects. Our Cinematic includes: Slow Motion, Black&White, Fade In/Fade Out, Color Fade, Spot Color, Sepia Tone, Cinemascope, Transitions.

Note: For Carmen & Ingo's Fusion Video Editing Style, please select this service.
Custom Video Edit - Request A Quote
What if my video editing style is unique and is different from the editing style that PIE follows?

We edit videos for Wedding, Baby, Family, Travel, Engagement, Events and more. Just tell us what you are looking for by providing examples of the edits that you have already done with any additional information that will help us get you what you need and we will get back to you with a quote based on the time it takes to process your videos. Payments are made on approval of the quote.
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