Post Production
Essential Edit (Color Correction) - €0.15
Professional color correction with customizable extras using Lightroom. This service includes cropping, straightening and sharpening. Select “Advance Brushes & Filters” for local adjustments with tools like brushes, filters, dodge & burn, masking and spot removal.
PIE Select (Image Selection and Color Correction) - €0.09
This service is the same as Essential Edit but also includes Image Selection and is processed in Lightroom. We color correct 20%-70% of the images sent to us based upon your preferences. Select “Advance Brushes & Filters” for local adjustments with tools like brushes, filters, dodge & burn, masking and spot removal.
Basic Retouching
School Retouch - €1.00
This service is designed for both individual portraits or group photos which will eventually go into a yearbook, ID card or print. This Service includes Color Correction,Straightening, Basic retouching, Removal of marks on uniform, Whitening of teeth and eyes.
Kindergarten Retouch - €1.15
The retouching service is designed to keep those Kindergarten moments clean but as natural as possible. This Service includes Color Correction, Basic cleanup, Whitening of Eyes, Whitening of Teeth, Some stray hair removal, Removal of small distractions.
Baby Retouch - €1.15
Service is specifically designed for baby photographers. Service includes Basic editing & cleanup, Sharpening, Removal of dead skin, Softening the skin and Reducing the redness of the hands & feet.
Note: Since this is a basic retouching service for babies, extensive dead skin removal and retouching of images with parents will be charged extra.
Pregnancy Retouch - €1.80
This service specializes in pregnancy photos. This retouching includes Basic cleanup, Removal of stretch marks, Skin Softening, Sharpening, Whitening of teeth and eyes.
Album Retouch - €1.80
Add that additional level of quality to your albums, slideshows and photobooks by having every image retouched. We will do a basic removal of stray hair and glare (on the Bride and Groom), Light Flares, and Distracting Objects.
Studio Retouch - €1.85
An essential service for the Studio or Portrait photographer where each face is enhanced by addressing Skin Blemishes, Facial Glare, Stray Hair (Basic), Bags Under Eyes and Whitening of Teeth/Eyes.
Advanced Retouching
Fast Cutouts (Image Extraction) - €1.00
A faster and simple way of getting your People and Product Images isolated on to a transparent background. The quality of isolation in this service is enough for smaller image sizes like web, smaller sized catalogs, magazine ads, brochures, small posters and print. To know more about which category of complexity your images fall under, please refer the examples on our website.
Real Estate Image Retouching
Real Estate Image Enhancement (Single Exposure or HDR) - €0.50
It is an image correction service with respect to color & alignment and includes adjusting exposure, image density and minor sharpening along with photo re-sizing.
HDR processing is an automated image blending process that compensates for the loss of detail in bright or dark areas of a picture by taking multiple pictures at different exposure levels and overlaying them together so that the final picture is representative in both dark and bright areas (wide dynamic range).

This Service offers a wide range of custom additions or replacements to the image. 

• Add image to TV. 
• Add Fire to fireplace. 
• Add Details to Windows. 
• Replace Sky. 
• Replace Grass. 
• Remove Color Cast light sources (lights/windows) 

Note: Please specify the image names for which you would like to process the Add-on options.
Floor Plan - €12.00
Our floor plans can depict an entire building, one floor of a building, or a single room. We create floor plans from irregular outlines or drawings. Additionally, we can add measurements, furniture or appliances, or anything else can also be added in order to provide an exact replica of the property.  

The type of floor plans that we offer: 
• Black & White 
• Color 
• Textured
Virtual Staging - €25.00
This service provides complete realistic rendering of housing interiors. We can digitally project your ideas by transforming your vacant house photos into beautiful virtual staged homes by adding virtual furniture and decors.

Note: Send us a mark-up guide for placing the objects / furniture if required.
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